Thursday, November 22, 2012

Exotic Eye by Adrianne Lucia Jezin

"Exotic Eye"
24x48 Mixed Media on Wood Panel

The Dancer


The Muse comes as a Dancer. When the night grows still and the energy of the day has begun to ebb. The Dancer appears to artists, scientists, children and poets. She comes softly or wildly as fits her mood. Like an old friend she comes, dancing across thoughts and dreams. Fleeting glimpses of the eternal flow in her invisible wake, like ripples upon a still pond.

She comes, bearing the hidden secrets of all things. Praise her, curse her, adore her or despise her, as you will, but, ignore her, Never! The Dancer comes easily, but departs absolutely, from those who ignore the abundance of her gifts. To those foolish enough to ignore the Dancer, the memory of Her voice echoes in the brain, as a taunting reminder of what might have been.

Like the wee folk of the Isles, She is drawn by candlelight, warm tea, quiet moments, and abrasive visionaries with powerful passions. The Dancer slips in invisibly, happily, and silently, bringing with Her, the thoughts and dreams of others, distant in time or space. She is a jealous lover, but the most passionate and pleasing of all.


Courting the Muse

 Each evening, an invisible web of artists, musicians, writers, scientists and performers gather. Some are oblivious to the presence of the others, no matter. They work at their own tasks dilligently, methodically and with much love for their craft. Each awaiting the appearance of the dancer . . . . each aware She may not appear. The Dancer will not be summoned, She moves at Her own will. Night passes, blessing the devotees of the Dancer with small successes and insights. Some retire to their beds, discouraged, while others continue, moving with the familiar rhythms of their task.

Suddenly time stands still and hands move more quickly, papers fly, visions and sketches pour forth with unbelievable speed, complete formulas dance in the air, and entire songs burst forth, clay moves and flows with unbelievable grace . . . . the Dancer has arrived.

She moves swiftly from one to another, weaving Her invisible web.  The Dancer moves gracefully as She opens the minds of the passionate, and unites each to the passionate minds of others.

Communication begins . . . . . each mind, each thought, each insight, flowing in the rhythm of the Dancer.  Energies spiral upward, inspiration is electric. The Dancer moves in the eternal sacred dance of creation.

The unseen dance envelops a painter in New York, a physicist in Boston, a musician in Los Angeles, a shaman in Latvia, a sculptor in Omaha, a writer in Florida, an astronomer in Italy, a weaver in Burma, a researcher in Palo Alto, a dancer in Athens, a jeweler in Chicago, a writer in Tokyo, a programmer in India, and countless others . . . . each alive . . . and eternal . . . with blessings of the Muse.

Each one sharing from the vast wells of their own insight and perception with the others, wordlessly, and with crystal clarity. . . . . The unseen web of minds flows, and daily dances the first creation of the Universe.


May I always remember to be grateful

for the many blessings of creativity and insight. 

May my awareness be of service to others. . . . .

May you be blessed with the magical  

presence of the Dancer in your own life.

The flame of creativity is only extinguished when
you no longer reach for dreams and visions.

Never listen to others' sad, scared, little voices that cautiion you to be practical and compromise. . . . . . If you do, the Dancer will abandon you and not return. . .  . . For an artist, this is spiritual death.

Many people ask how they can recognize the Dancer and Her web weaving in their art.  How can you be sure the Dancer has visited you? . . . . .Here is a hint . . . . If a design or an idea springs from your mind fully formed and complete, each detail in perfect place, it is not yours alone,  it is a gift from the Dancer.

Such a design, or story, or painting, or formula is the result of your invisible connection with others favored by the Muse.  The Dancer has connected you with the thoughts, inspiration, and vision of people you will never meet, but who have shared with you, an unseen dance of passion and creation.  It is in the blending of their gifts with your own, that the creation is born. When things come to you in this way, they are rare and sacred gifts. These rare gifts are to be acknowledged, treasured, and humbly appreciated.

You must never doubt or be overly modest about your creations. If you have been visited by the Dancer, they are not yours anyway.  They are nothing personal, they are simply gifts of the Universe, you were privileged to be a catalyst and a vehicle for. . . . . So celebrate your creativity and the creativity of all who dare to share visions & dreams.


Share your inner visions and create something today,

and take some time to court the Dancer.

The Goddess in Her guise as Muse & Dancer

brings many gifts to those who honor Her.

If you would like to share your own thoughts on creativity, feel free to e-mail me.   I would be delighted to hear what others have discovered on their own creative journeys of discovery and self expression. Creativity is your birth right. 

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