Sunday, June 29, 2014

Artist Statement Mid Year 2014

I taught myself everything to know about astrology and although the feedback from most people I’ve talked to about it is like, “Oh that doesn’t apply to me”, I choose to know my birth chart and all of it’s information and also following a day to day forecast is essential for me in my life. It’s not for everybody but everything that has ever spit out for me has always been to the tee and knowing that the calculations behind the interpretations are of a mathematical/scientific nature, it just makes sense. Having a vast variety of interests all my life from the universe and how laws of nature govern our physical realm and that after the 3rd dimension there are 3 more higher dimensions known as the spiritual or astral realms directly above us. All that stuff has to be what hit me in the face after high school. I wasn’t a person who always did drawings from the time I could hold a pencil. I actually wasn’t that great of a student during my school years and doing art wasn’t something I thought about doing until my early 20’s. Prior to that I had been on a quest for learning about any and all subjects pertaining to the spiritual and/or earth changes our world is currently going through. The fact that I feel closely connected to all that is happening as a whole to the earth is a trip. It’s how I came up with my art name Synchronic because of the harmonic synchronic order of things in nature and our universe. I’m a real brainiac when it comes to certain subjects. Everything else kinda gets ignored which I know now I  need to work on becoming more of a well rounded kind of artist.

I had several things I wanted to do as a profession growing up and out of high school and accounting was one of them. However I I refused to become a robot, this was the feeling I had right before I quit my accounting job after 5 years of hard work I just quit. For the next two years it was a party. I partied hard. I had a real rebellious streak for the next few years but during that time a lot of cool things happened in my experiences. Having a sentimental nature I took some of those experiences as if they were messages from the cosmos. In the end those messages are what directed me to where I needed to be with an artistic life as my main focus of what I needed to become skilled for. After that came work mode. I call it work mode because although I spent previous years partying the years that would follow would see a whole different Adrianne. These years (2010 - present)  were dedicated to becoming skilled at dj mixing and visual art.

The art world for me has flung doors open that I never even knew existed. It’s been a wild ride so far with a few accomplishments under my belt. It feels good. I never did anything like this and it feels good.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nova Paint

Yes I must blog about the best acrylic paint known to man! NOVA PAINT is located in Culver City, CA. Just a little hole in the wall kinda place in an alley in the arts district of Culver City. I always say that the most authentic and magical things can come out of a place like that. Nova Color is a small factory store; there are no frills or extras.  They carry acrylic paint (produced on-site), gel mediums, little jars for paint, and maybe a few brushes; all merchandise is displayed on industrial shelving in a room about the size of  an office lunchroom.  

The paint itself is amazing. The viscosity is unparalleled, though I've known one or two fellow painters complain about its lack of body.  Whatever paint consistency is preferred, there is no denying the brilliant color.  Nova paint is incredibly saturated with fine pigment, and there are many traditional and fun colors that would tickle almost anybody's fancy (including neon, blacklight, pearl, and metallic paint.) The paint is also reasonably priced.  A four once jar of Cadmium yellow is only $4.75.

Click here to view their site:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Something Interesting...

Today I did something out of the extraordinary. I took the following pieces and dropped them off at the local laundromat. Free art! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is it wrong to blog about my astrological transits?

The trine of Venus to your Jupiter shows that your inner poise enables you to view people and circumstances optimistically. You are rarely disturbed by negative elements in society because you have faith that everything will eventually turn out right. Most of the time you are cheerful, but when conditions warrant it, you can be serious. Your happy disposition bolsters people out of depression, and they feel they are not as badly off as they had thought. Your talent in handling people suits you to work in public relations, social organizations, artistic endeavors, or any occupation that serves the public needs or desires. You have a great appreciation for art and could find much satisfaction in some aspect of that field. You have a strong sense of ethics and social decorum. You always try to put your best foot forward and reach out to people with sincerity and honesty. You disdain anything vulgar or obscene, and abhor being with individuals whose attitudes are perverse. You prefer to associate with well-mannered persons who conduct themselves with propriety. Music, art, drama, and dancing are delights that enrich your everyday existence.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Reading and Goals

Reading about "how to make it in the art world" right now. It helps with certain things. Finding direction for the artistic goals I should have. A 5 year plan so to speak. Every artist should have this. Depends of course where exactly it is your trying to go with your art. My goals are simple:

1) sell off the pieces of art I produced from 2012-2014. 

2) do some charity work for the good cause of giving back.

3) continue doing mural jobs everywhere.

4) get into a gallery.

5) get into a museum.