Sunday, May 25, 2014

Finished Mural

Read about the creative process of this mural here:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Garcia Mural Project

I've been given the opportunity to create a mural on a friends backyard wall. The Garcia Home in Long Beach, CA. This wall is 23 feet by 7 feet roughly. Started this project on saturday, May 17 2014. Prepped the wall with primer (2 coats), then put on first layer of paint. I used a dark purple color on the left side that blended in with a pinkish color in the middle, followed by a small area of sporadic spray paint (Liquitex Burnt Sienna color) then finally on the right side of wall, green.

2nd day of mural.

So for this 2nd day of painting I went in and outlined the basic sketch of what the contents of the mural will be. A sun with it's rays on the left with clouds on the bottom of it connecting to clouds under a huge lotus flower which will be the focal point of the mural. 

On the right of the lotus flower I'll be painting in tree branches with cherry blossoms and finally on the right the om symbol which translates to: 

Clouds surround the mural top and bottom and on the right side. These clouds will be different colors with an arrangement of color that blends from each side of the color spectrum. Underneath the sun there is a cloud connecting there and that will have colors related to the sun, browns, reds, oranges and yellows. The lotus flower will have army green leaves (just a few) then as you can see the tiles inside the pool have a certain blue/black mixture in each one of them that i've re-created with the shapes inside the clouds next to the sun and those will continue just on the top part of the clouds. I'm having an idea to do the same idea for the bottom set of clouds except use an array of browns for those shapes. This mural should come together pretty swell. Can't wait to post the finished product!

Here's a video on the 3rd day of creation.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Talking about my art.

So i've decided to break down and start talking about my work.
The Healer in Her
16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

This piece is special. It took me more than two weeks to fully complete it and my intention for this was to show a healing woman. A woman who heals. A healer. A gifted woman who possess' healing powers.

The Mermaid
24x36 Acrylic on Wood Panel (Framed)

The cool story behind this piece is that i got this frame from a friend of a friend, but the friend who named me The Mermaid was right there when i came up on this nice vintage frame, so i decided to use the mermaid painting for this frame. I was nicknamed The Mermaid roughly 10 years ago by a guy who sensed my mermaid qualities. Hence the handfish animal spirit in which i stay proud of to back this up.

Art and Astrology

Midheaven/Venus aspect addresses the quality of individual love - either falling in love or deepening an existing relationship. According to esoteric astrology, Venus relates to concrete knowledge. This combination emphasizes profound awareness that all concrete knowledge is rooted in the principle of love. Another expression of the Mid-heaven/Venus conjunction is emerging artistic expression, involving either the physical world or interpersonal and social relations. The conjunction focuses on the individual's emerging awareness of the capacity to love, attachment and/or falling in love. Career advancements through recognition of your expression or creativity.

This is such a trip. I mean i don't base my whole life on reading up on my astrology but i guess i feel compelled to blog about stuff like this when i read exactly what is actually happening in my life at this moment just by pulling up my current astro transits (midheaven conjunct venus) and see that precisely what i'm going through is what in my astrology. To me that's just freaky and if i didn't want to pay attention to it...well that just couldn't happen cuz you can see how right on this shit is.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Sometimes I roll thoughts around in my head. Like debating to myself whether or not to write about my art or let it speak for itself. I think when it comes down to it my art should more than likely speak for itself one day. It wouldnt hurt to write about how why and what it took me to come up with such things as my paintings are leaning toward the mysterious abstract style, I get this. I would like to offer  my readers, viewers, art collecters and hard core fan's of mine a little bit more than just a picture to look at. This is why I feel I should write about what I'm creating so that...

1. People get to know me, the artist and either connect my art with who I am as a person or separately as an artist.
2. People can have a better understanding of what im trying to portray through my art.
3. Its always cooler to read about anything these days as opposed to not.
4. Last but not least,  my art name in itself carries more mystery I think than all my paintings put together and elaborating upon that would be something I should do for my peoples.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another transit

Neptune conjunct Venus

Creating a fantasy around the one you love. Love fantasies. Delusional romance. Delusional attractions. Merging with music. Chaotic love. Chaotic art. Attracting chaos. Attracting visionaries. Visionary art. Visionary music. Celestial music. Celestial love. Delusional creativity. Spiritual love. Spiritual music. Spiritual art. Fairytale romance. Romantic fantasy. Romantic movies. Confused rhythm. Confusing social interactions. A fool for love. Foolish in love. Unrealistic expectations in relationships. Idealistic notions about love and relationships. Idealized art. Idealizing the object of affection. Idealizing attractions. Bride of spirit. Refined love nature. Delicate romantic sensitivity. Artists, musicians, poets, romanticists and dreamers. Bohemians and hippies. Jazz musicians. Disintegrated art forms. Free form music and poetry. Longing for Utopia. A martyr in relationships. A martyr for art. Art and fantasy merging. Fantasy art.

Blurring gender lines. Blurring artistic genres. Inability to love just one individual. Passive receptivity. Passive attraction. Passive spirituality. Attracted to spiritual experiences. Attracted to transcendental experiences. Attracted to escapist experiences. Valuing selflessness. Valuing visionary ideals. Fusion music. People who transcend artistic boundaries. People who are visionaries. In love with a ghost. Attracted to psychic people and experiences. Attracted to people who are unreliable, elusive escapists. Attracted to people, situations and experiences that aren’t real. Desiring mystical union. Desiring unrealistic love. Envisioning an unreal reality. Refined taste. Delicate artistic sensibilities. Vague ideas about love. Vague ideas about what you really want. Floating from thing to thing. Wanting to be psychic. Wanting to be a medium. Being attracted to dream-like experiences.

Art inspired by dreams. Creativity inspired from a higher realm. Attracted to clairvoyance and paranormal experiences. Elusive love. Elusive attractions. Disintegration of personal affection. No boundaries in love. No boundaries in affection. No boundaries in art. No boundaries to sensual experience. The sensual world and spiritual world merging. Attracted to musicians, artists and poets. Attracted to the underdog. Difficulty discerning where one person ends and the other begins in a relationship. Soul love. Love that transcends reality and time. Impractical attractions, romances and relationships. Universal love. Universal compassion. Compassionate love. Compassionate values. Spiritual values. Money slips through your fingers. Gentle love. Love is sacrifice. Dissolution of personal desire. Inability to see the object of affection clearly. Love of the abstract. Love that knows no limits. The things that you want elude you. You can never quite grasp what you desire. Compassion and pity mixed with love. Feeling sorry for the one you love. Imperfect love. Loving those with impairments or disabilities.

Loving altered states. Attracted to drug culture. Attracted to experiences that offer escape. Escaping through music. Escaping through drugs and alcohol. Escaping through affairs and relationships. Loving vague, intangible experiences. Too sensitive for everyday life. Permeable love nature. A diffuse love nature. Personal love eludes you. A higher love. Personal love and transcendent love combined. Love on a higher plane. Sloppy love affairs. Romantic beauty. Poetic beauty. Fascination.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My astrology transit

Sun/Mars Aspects
in Planet Combinations • 150

Self-assertive. Self-directed. Vital force. Primal force. An action-oriented person. Doers. Physical vitality. Sexual vitality. Acting in your own self-interest. Self-centered action. The ability to challenge yourself. Self-propelled. Self-motivated. Initiators. Creative action. Challenging yourself to reach your creative potential. Challenging yourself to be all that you can be. Beating yourself up when you lose. Competitive people. People who know how to assert themselves to get what they want. People who know what they want. Directors. People who direct other people. Leaders. Managers. Coaches. Trainers. Rough, gruff, abrasive people. Antagonists. People who are spurred to achieve more when they are challenged or when they have worthy competitors. People who want to be where the action is. People who won’t back down from a fight.

Heads of companies. Entrepreneurs. People who challenge themselves to be the best at what they do. Fighting against, or simply rejecting, other people’s efforts to get you to do what they want you to do. People who refuse to do what they are told, yet have no problem telling other people what to do. The desire to be your own boss. Inability to listen to authority or be put in an inferior position. Asserting your rights. What’s my next objective? What will I conquer next? What else can I be the best at? Who else can I beat? The need to take your shot when the time is right. The need to prove who you are in the moment. Going for it, with no hesitation, proving who you are. Not letting opportunities to assert who you are – your individuality – pass you by. Being brave enough to show who you are. Being brave enough to prove yourself.

Possibility for violence. Experiencing violence at the hands of men. Experiencing men as base and primal, lacking in refinement. Having a natural affinity for typically “masculine” pursuits. Identifying with men. Identifying with typically “masculine” interests. Tomboys. Self-made men and women. Fighting against authority. Fighting against yourself. Inner tension caused by fighting against your own best interests. Depression when there are no worthy opponents and nothing worth fighting for. Depression through not reaching your potential. Depression through not taking opportunities. “I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody.” Depression through boredom. Needing goals and challenges to reach your full potential. Needing goals and challenges to feel vital and alive. Seizing the moment. Setting the bar higher and higher. Having a direction. Having aim. Directing your energy toward something. Having things to do. Physical activity as a way to get in touch with your core self. Needing outlets for aggression and hostile tendencies. Needing activities to funnel your competitive spirit into. Identifying with champions, fighters, heroes and heroines, and people who generally kick ass.

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Astrology

I have to blog about my current astrological transits, why? Cuz its so true and beautiful.

Sun/Venus Aspects
in Planet Combinations • 88 Comments
flowers in vialsYou have conscious awareness of your powers of attraction. You are consciously aware of your ability to become popular. You ooze charm and attractiveness. People feel attracted to you. You find it easy to become popular. You identify with popular people. You identify with attractive people. Beauty icons are your role models. Fashion icons are your role models. You find yourself through the feminine arts. You are involved in beauty or fashion. You are involved in negotiations and diplomacy. You find yourself through involvement in issues of justice, cooperation and fairness. You find your identity through relationships.

Relating to other people gives you a better sense of who you are. Your ego is bound up with how much you are liked and adored. You only feel like yourself when you are popular in social circles. You only feel like yourself when you feel attractive. How attractive you feel has a lot to do with how centered you are. Having your ego bound up with your appearance. Vanity. Laziness. Go with the flow. Having an ego built upon likability and popularity. Wanting to belong. Wanting to find a place in the sun where you can be popular, well-liked and generally considered to be attractive. Your purpose in life is to find people you can relate to. You are not a loner. You like being in a relationship. Serial daters. Incurable flirts. Would rather compromise to get your way, or manipulate to get your way, than openly fight with anyone.

Not against using charm or good looks to get what you want. Would rather sit around basking in adoration than start a feud. You identify with women. You have female role models in your life. Beauty icons. Models. Sex goddesses. Screen sirens. Pop princesses. Well-developed feminine traits. A loving and gentle person. Women who really identify with being a woman. Finding yourself through involvement in the arts. An appreciation of the arts and a love of being surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things. Feeling unattractive hurts your sense of self. You may fear becoming ugly, unwanted or disliked. Confidence comes with popularity.

Having a loving relationship with your father. Dad was well-liked. Dad was passive and didn’t stand up for himself. Dad always tried to find a way to compromise and work things out. Liking men who prefer to compromise rather than fight. Liking men who have charm, class and grace. Liking men who appreciate women. A man who loves women. A womanizer. Thinking that your shit doesn’t stink.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My progress.

Its been almost a year since my last real blog post.

The Weirdo Series

Friday, May 2, 2014

My current astrological transit

Jupiter/Midheaven Aspects
in Ascendant, Descendant, MC, and IC • 37 Comments
Wanting to hold an influential position in the world. Wanting people to recognize your greatness. Wanting people to recognize your authority. Larger than life. Looming large. Known for being big. Known for being over the top. “Too much” of whichever sign Jupiter is placed in. Go big or go home. Admiration for big things and “big” people. Admiration for people in “big” positions. Wanting to be known for doing something epic. Aspiration in religion or philosophy. Philosophy that impacts the world. Wanting a career or position in life that compels others to put their faith in you. A preacher.

Setting a larger than life example. Big authority. Epic influence. Aspirations of epic proportions. Wanting an immense status. Wanting people to believe in you. Becoming someone others can look to and believe in. Developing a confident public persona. Developing an exalted public persona. Living legends. Colossal expectations for what you should be doing. Overblown sense of your impact on society as a whole. Overblown need to make an impact. Huge aspirations. Aspiring to be almost god-like. Formidable reputation.

Having it all – as seen by outsiders. Getting lucky in career, reputation, and social standing. Having the doors of success flung open for you. Encouraged and supported by authority figures. Your parents’ influence ensures your success. Children of successful people. Trust fund babies. Born with a silver spoon. Your success is easier because other people in your family are already successful. Partaking in the good life. Living high on the hog. Party people. Too much is not enough. Monstrously overbearing – or having had an overbearing parent (most likely Mom).

Aspiring to be a good parent. Aspiring to be a great role model. Aspiring to leave the world a better place. Having a vision for your success. Taking a long view on success. Open to the influence of mentors and guides. Welcoming guides into your life. Needing mentors and guides in your life. Needing to be someone to follow or to have someone to follow, or both. Having had a parent who was also a mentor. Wanting to be recognized for doing something meaningful. Leaving big shoes to fill or feeling that you have big shoes to fill. Big Mama. Big Papa. Overwhelming mother. Experiencing authority as being overwhelming. Career becomes a philosophical question to ponder. Pondering rather than doing. An arrogant attitude concerning achievements. Achievement is everything. Reaching and reaching, bigger and broader.

Cultural inheritance that impacts the world. Taking advantage of cultural ties to get ahead in the world. Taking advantage of connections through religious groups to get ahead in the world. Becoming known for being a well-cultured person. Becoming known for you cultural background. Putting your ethnic background in the spotlight. Putting ethics in the spotlight. Having a career where your ethics, morals and beliefs are apparent to the public. Becoming known as someone who is hard to pin down.

First post in month's!

Its been almost a year since my last post. I'm introducing a new series here . This series consists of mainly faces of males amd females and some other good stuff too.