Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Then and Now.

It's been awhile since my last post. I apologize. Been recovering myself from the pits of being a drug addict and am proud to say I have 60 days (2 months) clean. Life has slowed down tremendously and a lot of change has occurred due to this huge choice I decided to make a couple of months ago. I had an art fan/teacher comment on the differences he saw in my work recently as opposed to the work I was doing while still in my addiction and his thoughts really amazed me so I thought I'd share that with you here:

              ..."Whoa!! It's almost night and day. One thing I'm noticing is that before you seemed completely caught up in the abstract features and wrinkles that distort and characterize a face. Now, you've really seemed to pull away from that. It's almost like before, you really wanted to showcase the ugly side of a person (I use ugly as less of a description of them or your work, and more as a sense of what you were trying to pull out of them.) But now,  you seem more at peace and whimsical. Almost a childlike innocence or something. And it appears as though your branching out from just faces and trying other things. As though you're not only focused on the person, but in the here and now. Being at peace with the present and the surroundings. Content is a word I would use..."