Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Primal Astrology, my own family story.

As an avid astrology expert when I discovered the website of Primal Astrology I became fascinated at what it entails. Primal Astrology combines your western astrology sign with your eastern astrology sign and the result is your animal spirit. For example I'm a handfish because I'm an Aquarius/Sheep. Visit the website and discover yours. What my project is for this blog entry is discussing all of my families animal spirits and how we all interact with each other based upon the traits that accompany our particular animal spirits. 

I'll start with my dad, his animal spirit is an eagle. Majestic, clever, commanding and untamed my dad is a very smart man with a very short temper. However, he's always provided for us and has always provided a nest that all of his family is always welcome to. Also, whenever and wherever I've been that I needed to be rescued from my dad has always been there to scoop me up and take me to his safe an humble home. 

My mom is a beautiful crane. Unlike my dad who gets a lot of flying done, she likes the comfort of the ground and shallow waters.

My sister is the sneaky squirrel. It's funny because my sister when she was in elementary school used to hide her lunches under her bed being a very picky eater. She reminds me of the Geico commerical where the squirrels make the car get into a car accident then they hi-five each other afterward. My sister likes to drink also so there's that drunken squirrel thing she's got going on as well.

My brother is a toucan. A beautiful exotic bird with huge sense of humor. Much like my dad my brother can fly high and hang out in trees, where who else would they find in that tree? No other than my sister the squirrel which makes the trio of my dad, brother and sister being the closest to each other in my family. 

My father and mother divorced after 35 years of marriage. My dad re-married and his new wife is a swan. I guess birds attract other birds. Speaking of that, my brother married a dove, so that theory is definitely in place there also.

Which brings me back to me being a handfish, very different from any other creature in my family. Ironically I am the black sheep of my family and my animal spirit shows that. The only person I am close with is my mom who can interact with me being a half land animal and half water animal. All of the others don't do water.

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