Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Tribute to Bob Dylan's Desolation Row

According to my dad, a lot of stuff about life and the way the world works can be revealed through the beautiful lyrics of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row Song. The Highway 61 Revisited album debuted in 1966 and this song is one of my dad's favorites. I thought I'd do a painting for my old man with a tribute to the famous song dad would always use to explain stuff to us. I thought that was pretty clever and so I've decided to paint about it. Here is what I have so far since I'm making it my own abstract version of the song and it's original artwork made for the song.


I printed out the lyrics and feel I need to incorporate just a few things from the words. First I will put in a rainbow shown above to the right, I will use the buildings and draw in the ambulances, maybe the ship, definitely Cinderella and romeo and of course the tents/circus, last but not least the moon and a pretty set of clouds set at night.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upcoming Show!

I have an upcoming show this July 12th & 13th @ KGB Gallery Studios in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA. Hope to see some of you there. I'm deciding which pieces to show, it's kinda hard since I've accumulated so many. Let ya know soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Onto Bigger and Better Things Now

So not to dip into my personal life, I know that being a no no in art blogging, however, I feel that this story would be necessary since it deals with my art studio. Should I say my ex-art studio. Since my art studio is technically the families garage, some shenanigans went down and basically my garage is off limits to me. That means no art studio. That means no new work will be put out for awhile until I figure out what I will do. I will keep this blog posted though, so hopefully my favorite thing to do in the world won't be on pause for too long. Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The New Works

I have been working on these new paintings for the last week now, just giving an update:

The blue/orange/black painting I'm almost positive represents me and my alter ego. I don't really plan this stuff out too much so I just go along with what I'm usually feeling at the moment. 

My process started with acrylic paint for the background and I then I drew in the girls in pencil and outlined and colored in with paint markers.

This painting began a while back and has changed drastically since. I added the young girl in with an abstract body as to relate to the fact that at times when i was an adolescent I wished I wasn't so developed so boys wouldn't look at me, funny how it comes out now in my paintings. and then there are mostly just abstract shapes and forms to go around the girl.

My process started out again with acrylic paint for the background and then I went in with oil based paint marker for most of the black that you see in the painting.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some New Ideas (from an old friend)

I recently looked toward my bookshelf for some inspiration and discovered a lot more than I thought I actually had there. I have this book about Bob Dylan's song meanings from 1962 - 1969 and there I found the song "Desolation Row". One of my dad's favorites. He used to explain things to me, not in a normal way like can't let nobody push you around, you have to stand for something in this life or you'll fall for anything. No, I didn't get those kinda talks on the way to school. It was always some reference to a Bob Dylan song which I couldn't figure out for the life of me. I'd walk into school thinking what the heck is Desolation Row and what does that mean to me???? Luckily I picked up a book about it recently and loved it! So my next painting will be inspired by the ever so brilliant song by Bob Dylan released in 1965 from Highway 61 revisited and there will be sex-fearing Ophelia there and of course the jealous monk plus the whole crew! Can't wait. It's going to be fun!!!! Here's an example:

By the way....I was just pondering this thought in my head. I love this blogging thing because it really shows me as an artist, and a person and above all it explains all that I've went through from the beginning of my art career. I think I've developed from nothing into something. It gives me great pleasure myself even to read about how I've grown up through the years. My progress year after year, even if my progress isn't the fastest, it's still mine and I'm so glad to be able to share what I learn and what I want to express to the world in such a profound and genuine way everyday. Thanks again for reading.