Friday, March 8, 2019

My Short Term GOAL

Thinking about starting a podcast: where you will hear: my dj mixes (funk, hip/hop, oldies, old school, old school rap, sublime/reggae classic rock and jazz. Also topics regarding the new feminine era, art & music, Los Angeles art scène and how to get into it or not, nite clubs and nite clubbing, relationships and how social media affects these relationships positive or negative, new business ventures for up and coming artists and musicians and of course networking and whatever else comes to your crazy minds. Above all I will answer any questions you might have about what song was that? Or how to dj mix or how to paint using acrylics......I can’t stand stingy artists or dj’s!! So.......What do you think?! I would need help with broadcasting as it is a language I'm not too familiar with. Any takers?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My Fate

I was giving my fate some thought today. Well I'm not going to lie, it's actually a common thought these days as I approach closer to turning 40. I have contemplated many many things. One being the topic of having children. I just don't see that happening at this point in my life and only by a miracle will that probably ever happen. So.....I dedicate myself to my paintings and music. It's what I do, it's what I'm good at. I know I would've been a good mom but that's just not happening it looks like. My paintings are my children also my dj mixes are my kids too if that makes sense. They are what I have created. Music is cool because it really puts you on the plane or realm that music dwells in which is pretty close to the supreme being people call God so that's cool. I could feel that whilst making music and even long after, the presence of something much greater and powerful is inside of me now. It's a new very powerful feeling. But it must be harnessed correctly otherwise, well lets just say I could understand now why some musicians have gone off the deep end in the past and why. Well not exactly why but making music does something to a person. It gives you this magical-ness and it's really hard to put into words cause it's a feeling unlike no other. So instead of having children, I am a creator of art and music. This is what I'm giving to the world when I pass. Not kids. But Art and Music. Forever.

Friday, March 1, 2019

I've been a practicing deejay for the past 12 years.

Yes you read right, I've been practicing deejaying for the past 12 years. Recently, my craft took a leap and bound and got me to this point. Where I'm at today with deejay mixing is simple. I love to share music and discoveries with other people who have the same taste in music as I do. Bottom line really. I'm not really trying to do anything too fancy with it. I wouldn't mind working at a chill and very dim club or bar, that would be sweet. I recently also reached out to DJ Seano of Soundwaves Radio on 90.7 kpfk fm....basically.....I'm working on a mix to send to him and then he will be airing sometime in April, so that's a big deal, right!? I have many many new feelings that are firing off by the minute lately, however, I will try to stay on subject here and now for yours and my sake, lol. this deejay thing....I kinda had it up my sleeve for the past 12 years but yet no not really.....close friends knew that that was my hobby....but I had gave it break for like 3 years from 2014-2017 so there was that also. The early days were rough meaning painful on the ears. My ear became trained over the years and my music library grew so when I picked it back up last year I was ready with lots of music I had discovered in the past 4 years that also I just sat on for those 3 years until last year. So last year I encountered a life change and career and residential change all at once and then found myself in my own apartment by myself. I began to use my Virtual DJ program more often than not. I really had a great reason to mix because at the time I was going to many dance clubs and concerts and of course what would we listen to on the ride to out of town where these things take place, lol? Well??? LOL, no it's always been a passion of mine to play music on turntables.....I had sucked before, like really sucked...genuinely I thought I would always be average with it and not totally get it. I was going to say miraculously but no diligently I pressed on with it and picking it back up as the mature responsible woman I've become somehow managed to get good at freakin' deejaying! It's on and crackin' now.


I would like to think that the work that I'm doing today will somehow benefit and/or inspire a future generation in some type of way. The thing that sucks is that, I doubt anyone will want to pay my monthly website bill after I'm gone, so that probably won't be there after I pass. But this will since it's free and forever.Ah the beauty of the thought that this webpage will always be here, as long as google is in will always remain. I don't think we as a generation are really used to that concept....because if you think about it, it's our lifetime that is the first lifetime to have the internet and it's forever type of way, so we are the first humans who have used the internet and who will pass away and the internet will go on for many more moons after. For the next generation I'm sure they will get used to the fact that almost everything they do will be forever archived and in the cloud.....for us, I guess that concept is a little different and will take some getting used to. Hey, we were 80's babies with no internet at all. So just think about that. LOL. Anyway, the idea that all of my creative efforts will be recorded in history for generations to come is actually such a comforting feeling and a feeling that whatever it is I create in my lifetime will always forever be in a cloud. Or at least a picture of the great things I have done will be. LOL. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

DJ Mix

This mix represents the musical harmony I'm trying to achieve with my music.