Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thoughts of the Day

A little history about Synchronic Art, Inc.

The incorporated became apart of my business title there back in June 2012. I felt that was the best way to go in terms of the business side of things. Going back a little further, I wanted to explain to my viewers a little bit about my past, myself and my artwork today.

The Past: I've put myself through a lot of bad situations and a lot hurdles I've had to jump along the way to get to where I'm at today. Self-defeating practices and too much of the good life so to speak put me in a position where for a while there I wasn't sure how i was going to get out of. One day in 2010 I told myself that my artwork was going to have to be shown to the world and signed up for my first art show at the Sugar and Art Fashion Show in Los Angeles, CA. Exciting and nerve racking not knowing what to expect, it was a bizarre event which i wouldn't have had it any other way, I loved it. I was hooked.

The Present: I've been in studio for the last year and half creating canvas pieces, drawings, digital artwork and whatever creative thing i feel is all done here in my studio/garage. Hey, some of us can't afford a real place. It works for me and I love being here in the place I grew up (grandma's house). My poor grandma had to go to a home last year after one too many spills went down. I miss her so much and appreciate I get to do my work here at her abode. Since 2010 I've done numerous shows and plan on moving my artwork that I've created over the past year into a venue of permanence hopefully soon. I'm kinda getting tired of looking at them all stacked up in the corner, it's as if they are calling me out...Adrianne take us to get sold please :) So that is the plan.

The Future: Like I said all of the pieces that I've completed in the last year and a half are all here in studio ready for the world, I have most of them posted on my website for sale here: http://synchronicart.com , my main goal would be to have all my work at an art fair that is affordable. I looked into Crafted PortofLA but unfortunately I didn't feel comfortable getting into a situation that I wasn't really sure about, and since they require a 6 month lease that was also another reason why I got cold feet at the last minute. The Long Beach Artwalk is always there and waiting for me and my artwork to arrive there soon hopefully. Everything (equipment) is so expensive and yes I am a starving artist for real! It's all in the works and some how or another I know I can swing it. So stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the pieces of artwork that I post frequently to my facebook page here: http://facebook.com/synchronicart.

My artwork.

My artwork is definitely different. Reason being is that I tend to prefer different types of styles rather than traditional ways of painting. I like drawing because im able to have more control of the instrument im using as opposed to a paint brush. Dont get me wrong, ive done wonderous things using a paintbrush, but for the look im going for I find the paint marker or faber castell pen has more preciseness when creating the shapes and lines of abstract I prefer. Acrylic paint certainly plays a big role in the painting, but as it was when I began doing art, I feel most comfortable with drawing exactly what I want in a piece. Painting on canvas has been for the most part what ive experienced as an artist and being self taught i feel like every so often theres something new I learn and incorporate that skill accordingly. For instance, my progress is gradual meaning in the beginning I used no gesso (didnt know what that was), and the whole painting would be painted with several different size brushes and acrylic paint, nothing else. My own discoveries this past year have led me to heavy gloss gel, airbrushing, stencils, making my own stencils, spray paint, paint markers and all sorts of ways to apply paint.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The latest from Synchronic Art

I am currently working on a new piece of artwork, a 24x48 canvas using acrylic paint, spray paint and airbrush paint, along with stencils and good old brush work.

 I have finished (almost) this piece of the lotus flower.
 Still working on these pieces which are 9x12 canvas panels.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am the featured artist here!

Check out this newsletter I am the featured artist!



The White Lines Series

Introducing a new body of work, five 8x10 canvas panels entitled "The White Lines Series". It represents the addiction I have recently left behind me. In sobriety I will make the effort to become the best artist I can be, and leaving the "white lines" behind is something I am so thrilled to do. It really set me back a long ways in my life and in my career and at the age of 33 I am so glad to leave it behind me. My family deserves this from me and for me to live healthy is something Im sure they all have been waiting for for a long time now. I really don't expect any recognition from anyone for this, more so I am ashamed of it and wish to forget all the years I wasted without them in my life. If God is good which I know he is then everything will fall into place after that and his grace will be obvious in my life. That's what makes these five paintings extra special to me and they will be featured at the next venue I decide to bring my artwork to. Not sure at the moment whether Crafted PortofLA is the right place for me, i'm still debating the notion in my head, going over costs and risks so I'll let you all know soon what I have decided. In the meantime I plan on creating another set of five 9x12 canvas panels and I think I'll title that series "The Next Step Series" I'm not interested in the NA or AA program, I have experienced it and I feel that it would be another thing to be addicted to and addiction of every kind must be taken away entirely and that's how I'm living. Thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning and still be apart of this world, I won't take advantage of the fact that I could breathe, walk, and create any longer. I love the world and what it does for me, seeing the light is triumphant and I'm glad to be apart of it's phenomena. God Bless and wish me luck!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Piece.

I started this new canvas today (24x48)
I used a piece of tape not exactly straight down the middle but a little off to the side to offset a bit. On the one side is vermillion hue red, primary yellow mixed with titanium white, while on the other side i used a mixture of napthol red, cobalt blue and titanium white which gave me like a mauve color. (Not what i was going for) but that's okay I could fix it! I swear that is my famous line in doing artwork. I was hoping this color on the right would come out to be more purple than it did, so I'll just have to make some adjustment to it tomorrow and I will let you guys know how it goes then. TTYL.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


For most of 2011 I was busy creating original drawings using pens and professional markers on acrylic paper, canvas paper and so on. I recently began to draw again at the end of 2012 and into 2013, I forgot how much I love drawing. Why? Drawing is the most fulfilling for me, so precise and the artist can be in full control of his/her pen or pencil and create the exact thing that is on their mind. So special! Just some thoughts from the mind, taking a glimpse into time. Later ya'll!