Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 8 foot by 3 foot canvas.

It seems I always go back to work on this canvas when I've run out of canvas' to work on. This is a special canvas I've been working on little by little for the past year it seems. It's special because it's so big of course and it's been with me throughout these last two years. I want to finish it soon. I worked on it a bit last night then sat back and started writing down all of the words and phrases that I thought of when I looked at it. Here are those words and phrases: FACE, FACES, WOMAN, WOMEN, BUDDHA, HEADS, THREE FACES, MOTHER, FATHER, DAUGHTER, CHILD, GOD, LOTUS FLOWER, HEALER, HEALING, OCEAN, HEART, PROTECT MY HEART, BIG HAIR, TRAPPED, CHOKED, CHAINED, TORNADO, LETTER, TORN, EYE, EYE WATCHING OVER, BUDDHA INSIDE THE BOX, GIRL OUTSIDE THE BOX, GIRLS OUTSIDE THE BOX, LITTLE GIRL, NO BODY FOR THE WOMAN, BODY LESS, JUST VAST OCEAN, EMOTIONAL, DEEP, WAVY, WAVY HAIR, HOPES, DREAMS, MAGIC, STEPPING STONES, BLUE FACE, BLUE IN THE FACE, VIBRANT, LOTUS, SPIRIT, WATER, EARTH, FIRE, HILL, EMPTY SPACE.

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