Monday, December 1, 2014

Not only a painting artist...

About 10 minutes ago while driving home of course, I had a sudden urge to blog. The topic today being about not only possessing talent in painting but also what it means to be an artist in today's society. I think the label of being an artist has muliple meanings. On the one hand sure I love to paint and draw and create beautiful pieces of artwork. Artwork that I hope sells, but not only that, touches hearts. What it means to me to be an artist is much more than painting. It means to be on a journey much like any other human being is on their journey. Along the way however there are little things that we come across that makes us feel certain things. For example, seeing a bum on the street that I know is really in need is something that hurts my heart and I wish their lives could be different and their circumstances which brought them to that point, I'll never know. I just see them on the street begging for money and in that way I see them as angels along my journey. I say a prayer for them and I go about my business. Also, I remember what it was like being a young teenager. Having crushes on certain celebrities or musicians. Having a Motley Crue tape in my walkman. Hearing The Doors album for the first time impacted me for the rest of my life. All things that are apart of this important journey I call life. It's sort of how I embrace being alive and being able to be an artist and paint what I feel moves me. See art shouldn't just be a decoration on someone's wall. I believe it's meant to jerk the soul and make one think. That's my intention, and that's what the meaning of being an artist is to me. Thank you.

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