Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Tribute to Bob Dylan's Desolation Row

According to my dad, a lot of stuff about life and the way the world works can be revealed through the beautiful lyrics of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row Song. The Highway 61 Revisited album debuted in 1966 and this song is one of my dad's favorites. I thought I'd do a painting for my old man with a tribute to the famous song dad would always use to explain stuff to us. I thought that was pretty clever and so I've decided to paint about it. Here is what I have so far since I'm making it my own abstract version of the song and it's original artwork made for the song.


I printed out the lyrics and feel I need to incorporate just a few things from the words. First I will put in a rainbow shown above to the right, I will use the buildings and draw in the ambulances, maybe the ship, definitely Cinderella and romeo and of course the tents/circus, last but not least the moon and a pretty set of clouds set at night.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upcoming Show!

I have an upcoming show this July 12th & 13th @ KGB Gallery Studios in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA. Hope to see some of you there. I'm deciding which pieces to show, it's kinda hard since I've accumulated so many. Let ya know soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Onto Bigger and Better Things Now

So not to dip into my personal life, I know that being a no no in art blogging, however, I feel that this story would be necessary since it deals with my art studio. Should I say my ex-art studio. Since my art studio is technically the families garage, some shenanigans went down and basically my garage is off limits to me. That means no art studio. That means no new work will be put out for awhile until I figure out what I will do. I will keep this blog posted though, so hopefully my favorite thing to do in the world won't be on pause for too long. Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The New Works

I have been working on these new paintings for the last week now, just giving an update:

The blue/orange/black painting I'm almost positive represents me and my alter ego. I don't really plan this stuff out too much so I just go along with what I'm usually feeling at the moment. 

My process started with acrylic paint for the background and I then I drew in the girls in pencil and outlined and colored in with paint markers.

This painting began a while back and has changed drastically since. I added the young girl in with an abstract body as to relate to the fact that at times when i was an adolescent I wished I wasn't so developed so boys wouldn't look at me, funny how it comes out now in my paintings. and then there are mostly just abstract shapes and forms to go around the girl.

My process started out again with acrylic paint for the background and then I went in with oil based paint marker for most of the black that you see in the painting.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some New Ideas (from an old friend)

I recently looked toward my bookshelf for some inspiration and discovered a lot more than I thought I actually had there. I have this book about Bob Dylan's song meanings from 1962 - 1969 and there I found the song "Desolation Row". One of my dad's favorites. He used to explain things to me, not in a normal way like can't let nobody push you around, you have to stand for something in this life or you'll fall for anything. No, I didn't get those kinda talks on the way to school. It was always some reference to a Bob Dylan song which I couldn't figure out for the life of me. I'd walk into school thinking what the heck is Desolation Row and what does that mean to me???? Luckily I picked up a book about it recently and loved it! So my next painting will be inspired by the ever so brilliant song by Bob Dylan released in 1965 from Highway 61 revisited and there will be sex-fearing Ophelia there and of course the jealous monk plus the whole crew! Can't wait. It's going to be fun!!!! Here's an example:

By the way....I was just pondering this thought in my head. I love this blogging thing because it really shows me as an artist, and a person and above all it explains all that I've went through from the beginning of my art career. I think I've developed from nothing into something. It gives me great pleasure myself even to read about how I've grown up through the years. My progress year after year, even if my progress isn't the fastest, it's still mine and I'm so glad to be able to share what I learn and what I want to express to the world in such a profound and genuine way everyday. Thanks again for reading.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Firme Style: More Reflection's of the Past.

I didn't learn about the mechanics of art making in college or any other formal training for that matter. I learned the hard way, on my own experimenting and making mistakes. Discovering which mistakes were the right ones to keep. Trial and error. I always rebelled against school even in elementary. Although, in third grade I once received an award for best penmanship. I believe that incident was the dawning of a life long era of artistry for me. Just knowing that I had good penmanship would one day give me the confidence and courage to pick up a pencil and believe in myself far beyond the stick figure. It's such a common thing to hear people say they can't draw a lick, only stick figures. The incredible part about that is I too was once a stick figure only person. I think what brought me out of that thought and into this new realm I currently reside in was thinking outside the box. It wasn't until then did I actually believe I could produce anything other than the stick figure.

My thing when I was a teenager was writing in big cursive lettering. Adrianne Loves So and So. For example:

In terms of being a self-taught artist, practicing writing in fancy firme style I like to call it was like putting myself through self-taught art pre-school. When I got into Kindergarten and 1st grade I had moved on to drawing stuff out of the tattoo magazine like a 40's style girl, skulls and ice cream cones. Discovering paints and brushes kinda sent me into my own home schooling which didn't come with instructions and unfortunately didn't come very naturally. Over the years got better and better at it and here I am. I went back and forth from painting to drawing to graphic art (my first love) then to dj mixing (my 2nd love) back to painting which led me to my first art show in 2010. I spent most of all 2011 drawing using markers on bristol paper, creating pieces like "Help Me Help You" which was featured in May's issue of Catapult Magazine here. In 2012 I decided to come back to the canvas. I think using photoshop helped me in a subconscious way when I finally did return to the canvas. This year in 2013 I've decided to take a painting course at The Palos Verdes Art Center for obvious reasons. I need it. I love it. I'm really shocked at how much I've developed on my own taking risks but most of all believing in myself. I can only imagine the possibility of it stemming from getting that award in third grade. Or maybe it was the way I did my makeup firme style everyday as a teenager, eye-lining the cat eye look required me to have a steady hand and lots of patience, but boy was I determined! Perhaps it was the fashion phenomena my sister introduced me to or the fashion sketches I discovered at the age of 24 which made me stop and think to myself, "Hey I can do this, this can be done". Last but certainly not least I might of kicked off my artistry because of the big box of watercolors, brushes and various other art supplies I happened to stumble upon one morning, hey no one was around to claim it so it was mine for the taking. The thing is after that incident took place doing artwork wasn't something I ever doubted or questioned. I knew it was what the universe wanted me to do in life. Like the universe had figured it out for me and all I had to do was pick up what it was trying to throw down. I feel I put myself in a position that lined me up with this reality. Prior to all of this I was an accountant's assistant. I remember feeling that uneasy feeling at my desk and in traffic and it would crawl up my spine like a vine would crawl up a wall. The most compelling feeling I had and I couldn't figure it out but I knew that what I was doing with my time was wrong. Sure my parents were happy with me and sure I had a little money in my pocket but I always felt wrong about the work I was doing. Accounting can sometimes be a lonely, isolated and boring way to spends one's life. I mean when I think back to my childhood and what it was I was good at in life or I always hear the term "use what you know", so with that said what I was good at certainly wasn't math. I failed math. Plus crunching numbers was starting to make me feel like Here's Johnny in the movie The Shining. I can honestly say the best part of junior high was when a kid came up to me and asked me, "Hey, I heard you got bad ass handwriting, can you write my name firme style?"

The moral of my story is this. It's not my intention to influence anyone to quit their day job and start finding your inner peace or anything like that. I discovered I was an artist during a very difficult time in my life and I probably didn't go about things the right way at that time. It's just the way it happened. My message is simple. Go beyond the stick figure. Think outside the box. Spend your free time wisely if it's what you feel you must do to replace a feeling you have inside. As if God's trying to knock on your door and tell you something. First off, listen to that knocking that is happening in your life. In order to do this one must stop all of the mind chatter and stop all busy activity and then you will hear this. I guarantee if you open the door he's been knocking on you might just learn something about yourself that you never knew existed. That might change your life forever is all I'm saying. Stop listening to others who only care about themselves which doesn't help you in the least. Replace your own will with God's will and see how the results if anything won't hurt you instead could change things forever. Hell, heaven or earth? Where are you? You decide.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I've learned in School

I was able to learn a lot my first day being a self-taught artist. I had the feeling that I would connect the dots so to speak and all of this stuff would just click like it had to. One of the things I learned was this

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First Day of School in 15 years!

So I did it, I started my first art painting class today at The Palos Verdes Art Center in Rolling Hills Estates. I have to say I learned quite a bit in just one day. The great news is the fact that I actually did it without being stubborn for my own bad. This is good!!!! I will be keeping you posted about future class sessions in detail. I am very sick at this moment.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Let me reflect back on my life 15 years back. I’m 33 so that would put me just getting out of high school which i never finished. I lied on my resume though and was able to land some decent jobs like in-house accountant, account coordinator and collections specialist. At the age of 23 I was done with that kind of work because it made me feel like i was a robot and driving in traffic was so repetitive and lame. I would look around me at everyone else doing the same thing I was doing everyday and felt like screaming and almost in a panic in what i envisioned my life to be like 10 years from that point. Which would probably be the same thing, same traffic, same lunch, same co-workers, same work on my desk, probably a different boss but you get my point. It made me quit that job in 2003 and I never went back to that kind of office work. It made me feel crazy. I needed something more meaningful to take its place because at that age I felt like I had a calling, like there was something I was supposed to do in this life  but forgot what it was. When I had all of that time off after not getting another job ever even up until now so I had time to think about this thing I was supposed to do. I lived like I was on vacation and thought about all of these new things i had read about on the internet pertaining to one’s spiritual growth. It struck a nerve. I wanted to seriously to into the field of Theology and Metaphysical healing and practices. It seemed like that field was what I was meant to do. Now I’m 25 and my dad lost hope that I would ever amount to anything at this juncture and so presenting the idea of going to a theologian’s school was kind of out of the question. I began to doodle being completely bored at home. My doodles started to develop its own style and a couple people told me I might have something there along the lines of being an artist. I didn’t mind the sound of being an artist, it sort of clicked with me and my personality real well. I continued to practice drawing and eventually got my hands on some watercolors which i would experiment with. Eventually I obtained a canvas and the rest is history right? Well not exactly. I spent the next few years exploring the realm of dj mixing, music being my second love to art. That turned out to be alright, not spectacular just alright. I didn’t make it in that field. Very competitive and my skill level just didn’t live up to par to what a real dj sounds like. So I got back into painting and drawing and I’ve always done work on photoshop as a graphic designer so this is what I focused on. I’m at the age of 30 now and I decide to enter my work into an art show. I do that. It’s great and I want to do more work and enter into more shows now. I do that. Now it’s today and I’m 33 and i’ve been to like a dozen art shows and have created more work for the world to enjoy. I just enrolled in an art class the other day and will start tuesday which im excited about because at the moment my artwork is really at a stand still and I don’t see myself selling any of my paintings because besides the couple i sold to my dad and the one to my brothers friend, i haven’t sold any and this makes me wonder if im really that good of an artist. I know I am and I do believe in myself but Im not connecting with an audience. Also I feel like I need to have my own style which I do believe I've obtained in sort of a way but I don't have that signature style yet. I don't have a brand of style yet. These things I need to produce in a consistent way so that I can become established and eventually start selling my paintings. Any advice?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 8 foot by 3 foot canvas.

It seems I always go back to work on this canvas when I've run out of canvas' to work on. This is a special canvas I've been working on little by little for the past year it seems. It's special because it's so big of course and it's been with me throughout these last two years. I want to finish it soon. I worked on it a bit last night then sat back and started writing down all of the words and phrases that I thought of when I looked at it. Here are those words and phrases: FACE, FACES, WOMAN, WOMEN, BUDDHA, HEADS, THREE FACES, MOTHER, FATHER, DAUGHTER, CHILD, GOD, LOTUS FLOWER, HEALER, HEALING, OCEAN, HEART, PROTECT MY HEART, BIG HAIR, TRAPPED, CHOKED, CHAINED, TORNADO, LETTER, TORN, EYE, EYE WATCHING OVER, BUDDHA INSIDE THE BOX, GIRL OUTSIDE THE BOX, GIRLS OUTSIDE THE BOX, LITTLE GIRL, NO BODY FOR THE WOMAN, BODY LESS, JUST VAST OCEAN, EMOTIONAL, DEEP, WAVY, WAVY HAIR, HOPES, DREAMS, MAGIC, STEPPING STONES, BLUE FACE, BLUE IN THE FACE, VIBRANT, LOTUS, SPIRIT, WATER, EARTH, FIRE, HILL, EMPTY SPACE.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meaningful pieces of artwork.

Lately I've been doing pieces of artwork that mean a lot to me. I did a piece for my brother, my sister, I gave one to my dad and his wife, I even did one in memory of my cat R.I.P. Beena 2008, that's what I feel like doing lately. I brings me joy and happiness to do a meaningful painting rather than do one that I know will sell. Don't get me wrong, I am running a business but I've been in a sentimental mood for a minute now. I just have to get that out my system I guess.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Digital Art

The original drawings I've done, some have become new digital art pieces thanks to photoshop.

The concept of having skill remains the same though. Having a skill in drawing is one thing, and having one in photoshop is quite vastly another. I have been brushing up on photoshop and this is what I came up with.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Healing Series

The Healing Series

Consciousness Changing Artwork

I have a certain style. A lot the inner child works through me into my works of art. The glamorous side of me comes out as well. I like beauty, I like sleek neat but sexy stuff. Not sleazy. Also consciousness changing artwork is one of my main goals to get accomplished before this year is over. Healing artwork. It's something I feel compelled to do.

My Sister's Painting

I decided to do a painting for my sister, she is moving from Hermosa Beach back to good old San Pedro soon and I wanted to help her decorate her new place. I chose symbols that remind me of her and that I think she would like. I began with The Eye of The Tiger, she is an avid runner and the Rocky Theme is her inspiration, after watching the youtube video of Rocky practicing that morning in the first movie which she had on her YouTube channel it inspired me to paint this painting. Hawaiian flowers signify her love for Hawaii having been a resident there for 5 years during college. A surfer boy, surfer girll, the taurus sign and a butterfly which means Vanessa all had to fit into this unique and extraordinary piece of art. The last thing I did to this piece was place the Black Flag symbol up on the top left there, one of her favorite bands. I had done an acoustic guitar for my brother some time ago because that's his passion, but this one had to be extra special for my sister cause were girls and as a girl we don't just like one thing, we like many things. I introduce to the world, Vanessa's Painting.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

All New Works...

All New Works

 The Complicated Tree

 Amber Waves of Abstract

 Head Lamp



The Wollow Tree

E=MC Squared


Nature's Way

Untitled 2

The Mermaid

Im an Aquarius

Lips, Inc.

Untitled 3

What You Lookin' at Willis?

Style is Wild

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Metaphysical Side of Artist Adrianne Jezin

Before I began my career as an artist, I was really considering going into the field of Theology and Metaphysics. Having taught myself all there was to know about astrology made me explore beyond the stars into a whole new world I never knew existed. In my artist biography here, my dear friend from elementary school wrote about how a few friends had passed away in my younger years. My reaction to that happening was to find out where they went, where they were. In a profound way, I found my spirituality and by the age of 23 I had what I believed to be a spiritual awakening. I don't consider myself to be religious in the sense that I practice going to church and stuff. Spirituality was a calling for me after my friends had past. A door destined to be opened and subjects like The Big Bang Theory, Angels, Mayanism, Sacred Geometry I had vigorously researched and spent many hours on the internet reading articles and becoming familiar with all of the new things I had discovered about this universe we live in. It had inspired me at that time to want to seek out a healing career of some sort. Although I never decided to enroll myself in any classes about dream interpretation or numerology I did begin to draw and paint and eventually worked my way through the artistic realm.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Planet Art Network


When the forces of the old order held together by the instruments of the old time can no longer withstand the widely spreading anarchy of values and social systems, it becomes necessary to establish radical and humane new models for social reconstruction and biospheric regeneration. To be successful, such models must be rooted in the new standard of time represented by the Thirteen Moon/28-Day Calendar of Peace. Recognizing that this Calendar is also a fact of nature and a function of the Law of Time, the Planet Art Network (PAN) is the new model for the benefit and social reconstruction of all humanity and the regeneration of the biosphere.

The Planet Art Network upholds and furthers the goals of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan and Peace Movement as a comprehensive and far-reaching vision to assist humanity in attaining a state of harmony on the road to 2012. In this regard, the Planet Art Network extends itself to all sectors of humanity regardless of race, color, creed, ideology or economic status, understanding that all human beings possess the same spiritual equality and are synchronized by the same universal time.

Endeavoring to realize the most compassionate goals of all-embracing universal truth, the Planet Art Network stands ready to establish an entirely new epoch in the history of the human race - the advent of the noosphere. The universal truth to which the Planet Art Network adheres is known as the Law of Time - T(E)=Art, energy factored by time equals art. This formulation of a principle which has always existed in nature has but one purpose - to make conscious what was unconscious by furthering an unprecedented harmonization of global humanity with itself and with the natural order.

Realizing that the instrument to bring about the beginning of this great evolutionary change is the Thirteen Moon/28-day Calendar, the Planet Art Network is dedicated to the Great Calendar Change of 2004, as well as to furthering in every way possible the far-reaching programs of the First World Peace, 2004-2012.

Anyone or any group of people who understands and follows the premises and purpose of the Thirteen Moon/28 Day Calendar and/or any of the tools or literature about the Thirteen Moon/28 day Calendar or the Law of Time may assume the responsibility of establishing a PAN Node - an outlet of the Planet Art Network - or of joining an existing one.

Membership in the PAN is voluntary and all activities are autonomous. Each PAN Node is responsible for its own system of maintenance and autonomous governance by council. For a PAN Node to be considered active a minimum of seven members must meet on the average of once every thirteen days. The recommended day of meeting is the Crystal Day (12th tone of the Wavespell) for the reviewing of past actions and the consideration of future ones. Meetings may be held wherever appropriate. Each Node may assume its own format for meetings. Local PAN nodes are also organized into Bioregional PAN Councils. PAN is ever-evolving and all-renewing. It is our future.

The Planet Art Network is sponsored by the Foundation for the Law of Time, a 501(c)(3) organization operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes for the study and promotion of the Law of Time, based on the Thirteen- moon/28-day Calendar and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. In order to further all of the goals and strategies of the Planet Art Network, the Foundation needs your generous support - Now -

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Goals as an Artist

Okay so I didn't go to college. I didn't get a degree. Is that a crime? I am a decent writer I believe. It's just that one piece of paper, the diploma keeping me from what? Fame, fortune? I am a proud self-taught artist. Sure I could've attended college way back when my father offered to pay  for proper schooling for me, but I refused. I didn't want anything to do with school after high school, just relieved that high school had ended and I was free to do whatever I wanted. So obviously that opportunity never ended up coming back around so here I am a self-taught artist. I understand now that I should've took that opportunity when it was presented to me but what can I do now, can't afford it, blah blah blah, that sound's like a bunch of crap right? I've tried financial aid but I believe my dad makes too much money for that to be available to me, so now what?

I have certain goals as an artist. I realize that if I submit myself to a magazine, the person with the college degree will more than likely get featured before me, but I have specific goals as an artist and they are as follows:

  • Attend an art class, once and for all!
  • Create pieces from my belief system (mayan, buddha, healing, reiki)
  • Connect with the public about art and healing.
  • Start a blog talk radio program about these practices mentioned above.
  • Implement the feedback back into my works of art.

Almost done.


Almost done

Im just about finished with this 14x18 canvas panel I began working on last week. It reminds me of a futuristic civilization of some sort. Like a system within a system. What’s your take?

Monday, March 18, 2013

I gave it all I got…












Top Left: untitled 14x18 canvas panel.

Top Right": Water Goddess, 14x18 canvas panel.

Middle Left: The Mermaid, 6x8 canvas panel.

Middle Right: The Wollow Tree, 20x24 canvas.

Bottom Left: The Wollow Tree Part 2, 24x36 canvas.

Bottom Right: The Amber Tree, 14x18 canvas panel.

THE BIG PIC: Aquarius Sign, 6x8 canvas panel.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

From the Studio...

An update straight from the Synchronic Art studio (my garage), hey times are tough and I'm grateful to live at my grandma's house and use her garage as my studio, what can I say? Working on some new projects at the moment, they are in the works so I don't have a pic of what I'm doing just yet. I am working on two 24x36 canvas', one blue the other an orange background. We'll see how those go in the next few days here. I just got a pack of 14x18 canvas panels, so I should start working on those tomorrow and also am working on a pack of 6x8 canvas panels, thank you Michael's! I will let ya'll know how these projects turn out soon!

Monday, March 4, 2013

A New Month...

So here we are in March of 2013 and the artwork is still here in studio awaiting it's fate. I haven't been working on too many more projects as I was last month, but I am finishing up some pieces of have been working on for about a month now. "Healing from the Roots of Our Past" is one I am just about done with. Doing the extra finishing touches to it shown here on the left.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Re-evaluating Things...

After leaving The Chocolate & Art Show the other night I realized something. I really need to focus on re-evaluating what kind of art I am doing, how Im getting it done and how it's going to turn out in the end. Also, I really need to get the business side of things going. I am getting some money soon so I hope I'll be able to get some things I need for my art business. I want to start selling artwork soon please God!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chocolate & Art Show, KGB Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Last nights art show featured an abundance of extremely talented artists. Hugo Romo had his display outside and was doing live self portraits. Many jewelry vendors and a guy doing live esoteric artwork stood out amongst the crowd of people in the parking lot of KGB Studios which during a show turns into a floor of amazing talent every time. As I made my way into the area where over 30 artists had their artwork displayed on the walls I noticed the fountain of flowing chocolate and a stack of oreo cookies which I made sure to help myself to a couple. The most creative and unique works of art on these walls by far the best ive seen. My artwork hung in the middle of several other artists and overall it was a great turn out. Danilo Santos, the owner of Chocolate & Art put on another awesome show.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Artwork made it to the venue!

It was a cool drive up the 110 north to Chinatown. My artwork made it to the show, yeah!

The 3rd Installment of 'The Tree Series'

"Not Your Average Tree"
by Adrianne Jezin
36x36 Acrylic on Canvas

This piece was featured at the Chocolate & Art Show Feb 22, 23, 2013 at KGB Studios in Chinatown, CA.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Chocolate & Art Show Feb. 22/23

The Chocolate and Art Show held at KGB Studios in Chinatown is where my next art show is. Both days this weekend the show is to be a great hit.

Check out a previous show.

2nd Installment 'The Tree Series'

"The Healing Tree" (Arbor Verde)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Huge Canvas

This is the only picture that I could find of this 8 foot by 3 foot canvas that I started back in 2010. This is what it look like before and what it looks like now is this.

Featured Blog Poster

yesterday I had the privilege of being able to post 1 of my best friends blog post for my artwork. if you refer to yesterday's blog post you'll see my friends review about my work and it's fabulous.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Tree Series

1st installment of The Tree Series. Titled "The Tree of Life".


Noun. Meaning the Change in form, nature, appearance or character.

It can and invariably has been used to describe everything from the elemental facets in the amazing World of Mother Earth and Father Sky, to the intricate workings in each of the private inner workings of our Minds, both collectively and on a more personal level.

What better way to describe the changing, ever-evolving, transformation evident in the pieces of local artist Adrianne L. Jezin? In my opinion, both as an observer of her work and as a close friend, nothing comes close to communicating the magnitude of her art.

Within the past year, a great many things have come and gone, started and stopped, gotten better or worse. Or all of the above. And never is that delicate dichotomy lost or hidden in Ms. Jezin’s paintings and creations. As Beings confined to the limited dimensions of which we know and are aware, she immerses the viewer in the depth of her own experiences, leading you through the Dark, rising upward toward the Light. Towards Life. And never denying that without the negative of the one, the positive of the other would not exist as it does. As it always will be.

As Humans, flawed and fractured as we are, confused and trying to find our way in such a mixed up place of our own creation, her most recent works speak to us on a deeper level (Please see artwork posted 2/3/13). It speaks to me, anyway.

And it says: Don’t give up. Don’t sell out. Don’t give in. True, it’s been bad. Truer still, it can be far worse. But right now, we have been given the opportunity to develop and to investigate and to better ourselves. To Rise, always reaching up toward the Divine Guidance that has not left us behind.

In the artwork of Adrianne L. Jezin, take a look. A good, long look. And find the Hope you thought you’d lost.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Huge Canvas.

The huge canvas has resurfaced! After being on its side getting dusty for about 6 months, ive decided to pull it out of retirement and commence painting.

Healing from The Roots of our Past

So this painting has changed drastically I think for the better but still I didn't know what to expect after changing it one day, making a mistake then realizing I have to fix it. Healing from the roots of our past is the title of this painting, and what it means basically is the past hurts of our ancestors we feel in a karmic way. On the left the healing symbols the lotus flower, and of course on the right the tree which represents the roots. Finally the whole thing about the past would be my inner issues, personal issues, family issues that I've finally had the courage to face and to address internally. I think it definitely comes out in my artwork so I thought this time I would just create something extra special. if you notice at the bottom of the tree it's kind of swirling up and as it curves around and to the top right of the canvas it gives it a feeling of rising above almost like to the heavens and there the hurt and karmic debt can be released. Above that are white streaks that have a progressive look and to me those are like angels spirits who are helping this process along, helping it takes its course through nature as it may. The symbols on the left are obvious indian tradition healing symbols and as apart of my beliefs as a buddha follower I think they fit into this picture just right. Im still deciding how to end this painting but hopefully I will figure it out and it will be re-revealed to the world soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The New February.

Ahh...the down time during the winter months without any shows to attend due to the cold weather and my anemia not mixing very well for being out there comfortably. So I utilize these months for things like inventory, pricing, a whole bunch of computer work and of course creating more art. The Chocolate and Art Show @ KGB Studios in Chinatown is where Synchronic Art is headed next after a long hibernation period going back to October of 2012 and the last art show as a Raw Artist in Long Beach. I will show 4 pieces on Feb. 22 & 23rd, 2013, tba. My hopes are that I gain exposure, and by all means a buyer for my artwork. I've sold paintings to my dad, a couple friends, a clearance company and an old friend of my brothers and those people are my only buyers. Im anxious to sell more pieces, and all pieces are up for sale on my website. I feel perhaps im missing something and not doing things right in order to attract buyers. My appreciation to anyone with time to glance at my sale page on my website here: to let me know what I might be doing wrong here. Thanks.

Friday, February 1, 2013

'The Mayan Era' finds it's way into the Modern World

I received this photo via text message this morning. It came from Justin George, who works at twentieth century fox and recently founded The Clearance Company, who back in march of last year contacted me about an opportunity I couldn't refuse. My artwork on movie sets, finally a break had came through after working hard and prosperous all year. This pic is the front office of a new company called The Clearance Company which is the entertainment industry’s first hybrid company offering full service script research, permissions and licensing, product placement and cleared artwork rentals. The Mayan Era, a print of an original drawing I completed in 2011 hangs on the wall awaiting its rental fate.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thoughts of the Day

A little history about Synchronic Art, Inc.

The incorporated became apart of my business title there back in June 2012. I felt that was the best way to go in terms of the business side of things. Going back a little further, I wanted to explain to my viewers a little bit about my past, myself and my artwork today.

The Past: I've put myself through a lot of bad situations and a lot hurdles I've had to jump along the way to get to where I'm at today. Self-defeating practices and too much of the good life so to speak put me in a position where for a while there I wasn't sure how i was going to get out of. One day in 2010 I told myself that my artwork was going to have to be shown to the world and signed up for my first art show at the Sugar and Art Fashion Show in Los Angeles, CA. Exciting and nerve racking not knowing what to expect, it was a bizarre event which i wouldn't have had it any other way, I loved it. I was hooked.

The Present: I've been in studio for the last year and half creating canvas pieces, drawings, digital artwork and whatever creative thing i feel is all done here in my studio/garage. Hey, some of us can't afford a real place. It works for me and I love being here in the place I grew up (grandma's house). My poor grandma had to go to a home last year after one too many spills went down. I miss her so much and appreciate I get to do my work here at her abode. Since 2010 I've done numerous shows and plan on moving my artwork that I've created over the past year into a venue of permanence hopefully soon. I'm kinda getting tired of looking at them all stacked up in the corner, it's as if they are calling me out...Adrianne take us to get sold please :) So that is the plan.

The Future: Like I said all of the pieces that I've completed in the last year and a half are all here in studio ready for the world, I have most of them posted on my website for sale here: , my main goal would be to have all my work at an art fair that is affordable. I looked into Crafted PortofLA but unfortunately I didn't feel comfortable getting into a situation that I wasn't really sure about, and since they require a 6 month lease that was also another reason why I got cold feet at the last minute. The Long Beach Artwalk is always there and waiting for me and my artwork to arrive there soon hopefully. Everything (equipment) is so expensive and yes I am a starving artist for real! It's all in the works and some how or another I know I can swing it. So stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the pieces of artwork that I post frequently to my facebook page here:

My artwork.

My artwork is definitely different. Reason being is that I tend to prefer different types of styles rather than traditional ways of painting. I like drawing because im able to have more control of the instrument im using as opposed to a paint brush. Dont get me wrong, ive done wonderous things using a paintbrush, but for the look im going for I find the paint marker or faber castell pen has more preciseness when creating the shapes and lines of abstract I prefer. Acrylic paint certainly plays a big role in the painting, but as it was when I began doing art, I feel most comfortable with drawing exactly what I want in a piece. Painting on canvas has been for the most part what ive experienced as an artist and being self taught i feel like every so often theres something new I learn and incorporate that skill accordingly. For instance, my progress is gradual meaning in the beginning I used no gesso (didnt know what that was), and the whole painting would be painted with several different size brushes and acrylic paint, nothing else. My own discoveries this past year have led me to heavy gloss gel, airbrushing, stencils, making my own stencils, spray paint, paint markers and all sorts of ways to apply paint.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The latest from Synchronic Art

I am currently working on a new piece of artwork, a 24x48 canvas using acrylic paint, spray paint and airbrush paint, along with stencils and good old brush work.

 I have finished (almost) this piece of the lotus flower.
 Still working on these pieces which are 9x12 canvas panels.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am the featured artist here!

Check out this newsletter I am the featured artist!

The White Lines Series

Introducing a new body of work, five 8x10 canvas panels entitled "The White Lines Series". It represents the addiction I have recently left behind me. In sobriety I will make the effort to become the best artist I can be, and leaving the "white lines" behind is something I am so thrilled to do. It really set me back a long ways in my life and in my career and at the age of 33 I am so glad to leave it behind me. My family deserves this from me and for me to live healthy is something Im sure they all have been waiting for for a long time now. I really don't expect any recognition from anyone for this, more so I am ashamed of it and wish to forget all the years I wasted without them in my life. If God is good which I know he is then everything will fall into place after that and his grace will be obvious in my life. That's what makes these five paintings extra special to me and they will be featured at the next venue I decide to bring my artwork to. Not sure at the moment whether Crafted PortofLA is the right place for me, i'm still debating the notion in my head, going over costs and risks so I'll let you all know soon what I have decided. In the meantime I plan on creating another set of five 9x12 canvas panels and I think I'll title that series "The Next Step Series" I'm not interested in the NA or AA program, I have experienced it and I feel that it would be another thing to be addicted to and addiction of every kind must be taken away entirely and that's how I'm living. Thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning and still be apart of this world, I won't take advantage of the fact that I could breathe, walk, and create any longer. I love the world and what it does for me, seeing the light is triumphant and I'm glad to be apart of it's phenomena. God Bless and wish me luck!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Piece.

I started this new canvas today (24x48)
I used a piece of tape not exactly straight down the middle but a little off to the side to offset a bit. On the one side is vermillion hue red, primary yellow mixed with titanium white, while on the other side i used a mixture of napthol red, cobalt blue and titanium white which gave me like a mauve color. (Not what i was going for) but that's okay I could fix it! I swear that is my famous line in doing artwork. I was hoping this color on the right would come out to be more purple than it did, so I'll just have to make some adjustment to it tomorrow and I will let you guys know how it goes then. TTYL.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


For most of 2011 I was busy creating original drawings using pens and professional markers on acrylic paper, canvas paper and so on. I recently began to draw again at the end of 2012 and into 2013, I forgot how much I love drawing. Why? Drawing is the most fulfilling for me, so precise and the artist can be in full control of his/her pen or pencil and create the exact thing that is on their mind. So special! Just some thoughts from the mind, taking a glimpse into time. Later ya'll!