Monday, December 31, 2018

Calling all adult club footers!!

My clubbed foot story:

I was born with bilateral clubbed feet. I am now almost 39 and am feeling the wrath of these feet really bad. My back. My back is in constant pain. My neck, literally from the base of my head (brain stem) to my toes. Oh yeah and then I get migraines and headaches so I guess that wouldn't leave my head out of the equation and feeling lonely on the pain train. No, every part of me is on the pain train and it's time to get off. But how? I just realized that the fact that I'm even upright is left completely up to my back. My back is carrying the entire load of my body because my calf muscles and the fact that I have no arch what-so-ever is the reason why none of my lower extremities have any part of the fact that I am an upright homo sapien. Otherwise, what? I would be like a cave-woman? How strange. Anyway, I'm constantly cracking, popping and cracking some more my neck, back, legs, lumbar area and sometimes the little tiny bones in my feet crack as well. But it's mostly my neck and back. There comes a time when my neck gets so sore that it won't crack for a few days, and those few days are a nightmare. It's a chronic condition that I know I must accept, but I just feel like this is no quality of life what-so-ever and I'm over it. I want my youthful life back when I did whatever I wanted to do and it felt fine. Now, even having sex is an issue because my legs are so stiff and awkward, it makes the other person feel like they're doing something wrong, but ultimately it's me and my back and leg issues and the fact that I'm even saying this is making it real and making it so much more pathetic than I ever thought of in my mind. Geez, someone help me.

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