Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My artwork.

My artwork is definitely different. Reason being is that I tend to prefer different types of styles rather than traditional ways of painting. I like drawing because im able to have more control of the instrument im using as opposed to a paint brush. Dont get me wrong, ive done wonderous things using a paintbrush, but for the look im going for I find the paint marker or faber castell pen has more preciseness when creating the shapes and lines of abstract I prefer. Acrylic paint certainly plays a big role in the painting, but as it was when I began doing art, I feel most comfortable with drawing exactly what I want in a piece. Painting on canvas has been for the most part what ive experienced as an artist and being self taught i feel like every so often theres something new I learn and incorporate that skill accordingly. For instance, my progress is gradual meaning in the beginning I used no gesso (didnt know what that was), and the whole painting would be painted with several different size brushes and acrylic paint, nothing else. My own discoveries this past year have led me to heavy gloss gel, airbrushing, stencils, making my own stencils, spray paint, paint markers and all sorts of ways to apply paint.

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