Thursday, January 10, 2013

The White Lines Series

Introducing a new body of work, five 8x10 canvas panels entitled "The White Lines Series". It represents the addiction I have recently left behind me. In sobriety I will make the effort to become the best artist I can be, and leaving the "white lines" behind is something I am so thrilled to do. It really set me back a long ways in my life and in my career and at the age of 33 I am so glad to leave it behind me. My family deserves this from me and for me to live healthy is something Im sure they all have been waiting for for a long time now. I really don't expect any recognition from anyone for this, more so I am ashamed of it and wish to forget all the years I wasted without them in my life. If God is good which I know he is then everything will fall into place after that and his grace will be obvious in my life. That's what makes these five paintings extra special to me and they will be featured at the next venue I decide to bring my artwork to. Not sure at the moment whether Crafted PortofLA is the right place for me, i'm still debating the notion in my head, going over costs and risks so I'll let you all know soon what I have decided. In the meantime I plan on creating another set of five 9x12 canvas panels and I think I'll title that series "The Next Step Series" I'm not interested in the NA or AA program, I have experienced it and I feel that it would be another thing to be addicted to and addiction of every kind must be taken away entirely and that's how I'm living. Thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning and still be apart of this world, I won't take advantage of the fact that I could breathe, walk, and create any longer. I love the world and what it does for me, seeing the light is triumphant and I'm glad to be apart of it's phenomena. God Bless and wish me luck!

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