Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Sister's Painting

I decided to do a painting for my sister, she is moving from Hermosa Beach back to good old San Pedro soon and I wanted to help her decorate her new place. I chose symbols that remind me of her and that I think she would like. I began with The Eye of The Tiger, she is an avid runner and the Rocky Theme is her inspiration, after watching the youtube video of Rocky practicing that morning in the first movie which she had on her YouTube channel it inspired me to paint this painting. Hawaiian flowers signify her love for Hawaii having been a resident there for 5 years during college. A surfer boy, surfer girll, the taurus sign and a butterfly which means Vanessa all had to fit into this unique and extraordinary piece of art. The last thing I did to this piece was place the Black Flag symbol up on the top left there, one of her favorite bands. I had done an acoustic guitar for my brother some time ago because that's his passion, but this one had to be extra special for my sister cause were girls and as a girl we don't just like one thing, we like many things. I introduce to the world, Vanessa's Painting.

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  1. Adrianne I have to say your expression is magnificent. You are fluid and able to mix in emotion into your pieces. Some abstracts are more illusion than meaning. But yours have a message. I would be honored if you could create something for me that holds a girl name "Frog", the fight to never give up, in a world with such negativity. And if you could somehow implement also the strength of love and it's ability to overcome into the piece that would be great. However you perceive these things whether individual or separate. Oh and one more thing Prima the overall consensus that I would not breathe if not for music being a constant in my life. I love you and your work. Please when you can, let these that I have listed be your muse. I will pay you for this work. Do whatever you do. Just for the record I have never seen art quite like yours. I have seen a lot of art of every type. You are extremely gifted. You are here on this earth at the right time and place for the world to be introduced to this awesome influence. This awesome influence of Adrianne Lucia Jezin!!!! For those who have never seen her work "CHECK IT OUT " "YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF FOR DOING SO" So refreshing. Thank you Adrianne for your inspiration! The DJ thing pops to cousin!!!♥ Mad Love