Sunday, February 3, 2013

Healing from The Roots of our Past

So this painting has changed drastically I think for the better but still I didn't know what to expect after changing it one day, making a mistake then realizing I have to fix it. Healing from the roots of our past is the title of this painting, and what it means basically is the past hurts of our ancestors we feel in a karmic way. On the left the healing symbols the lotus flower, and of course on the right the tree which represents the roots. Finally the whole thing about the past would be my inner issues, personal issues, family issues that I've finally had the courage to face and to address internally. I think it definitely comes out in my artwork so I thought this time I would just create something extra special. if you notice at the bottom of the tree it's kind of swirling up and as it curves around and to the top right of the canvas it gives it a feeling of rising above almost like to the heavens and there the hurt and karmic debt can be released. Above that are white streaks that have a progressive look and to me those are like angels spirits who are helping this process along, helping it takes its course through nature as it may. The symbols on the left are obvious indian tradition healing symbols and as apart of my beliefs as a buddha follower I think they fit into this picture just right. Im still deciding how to end this painting but hopefully I will figure it out and it will be re-revealed to the world soon.

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