Saturday, February 2, 2013

The New February.

Ahh...the down time during the winter months without any shows to attend due to the cold weather and my anemia not mixing very well for being out there comfortably. So I utilize these months for things like inventory, pricing, a whole bunch of computer work and of course creating more art. The Chocolate and Art Show @ KGB Studios in Chinatown is where Synchronic Art is headed next after a long hibernation period going back to October of 2012 and the last art show as a Raw Artist in Long Beach. I will show 4 pieces on Feb. 22 & 23rd, 2013, tba. My hopes are that I gain exposure, and by all means a buyer for my artwork. I've sold paintings to my dad, a couple friends, a clearance company and an old friend of my brothers and those people are my only buyers. Im anxious to sell more pieces, and all pieces are up for sale on my website. I feel perhaps im missing something and not doing things right in order to attract buyers. My appreciation to anyone with time to glance at my sale page on my website here: to let me know what I might be doing wrong here. Thanks.

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